Introduction From The Complete Homeowners Guide to Lakefront Restoration and Aquascaping . . .

Lakefront homeowners can have major impacts on the water quality, habitat value and productivity of lakes and ponds. Through their actions they sometimes unwittingly promote the decline of the resource they enjoy the most. The cumulative effects of such things as clearing shoreline vegetation, creating sandy beaches, installing septic tanks too close to the lake, fertilizer and pesticide runoff from lawns, and inflow of storm water have caused most urban and populated lakes to show signs of degradation or even total eutrophication.

Our years of work as environmental consultants have introduced us to many examples of the problems described above and to many concerned people who want to remedy the situation as much as possible. We have found that most lakefront owners are willing to give up their white sandy beaches and work hard at protecting their lakes, once they really understand how to do so. At Biosphere Consulting we have volunteered a lot of time working with various groups and educating individuals about aquatic ecosystems. We maintain a nursery and farm where we propagate and conduct research on native plant species and restoration.

One of our main projects is to introduce the concept of landscaping to improve or create habitat for native species. We have coined the word BIOSCAPE to describe this process and we are now researching and writing about methods and species to be used, both wetland and upland. We invite you to visit our nursery and farm and to give us your ideas.

The purpose of this guide is to assist interested homeowners in understanding the basic ecology which determines the quality of their lakes and to help them restore and maintain lakefront property to help ensure healthy conditions. We would also encourage every homeowner to join or form associations which involve everyone who has lakefront property. These associations can provide information exchanges which help educate lakefront homeowners about lake problems. Organized associations can also be more effective in working with local governments and regulatory agencies in solving the larger problems, like storm water and development regulations.

The individual lakefront homeowner can do a great deal to improve lake conditions. It is hoped this guide will assist in this effort.

See our list of wetland plants available from our nursery.

To learn more about the right plants to use when revegetating your lakefront you can access a helpful guide written by the Florida Department of Environment Protection Bureau of Invasive Plant Management. This guide includes some wonderful pictures of aquatic plants that can be beneficial to your lakefront. You will find plant descriptions and planting requirements which come in handy for planning an aquascape that is both aesthetically pleasing and habitat friendly. Lakefront Revegetation (PDF)

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