Our research has shown that many bird populations are becoming seriously limited due to lack of nest cavities. Old dead trees that were once the nesting habitat for many different species are now being cut down as fields are cleared for development.

A good example is the wood duck which is often forced to nest long distances from the water's edge and, since the young venture out the first day they hatch, many are lost to road kill and predators.

Many species will adapt and co-exist, even in an urban habitat, if the landscape includes the basics they require: food, cover, water and nesting space. A few simple nesting boxes, of the right specifications, will replace cavities in dead trees and make it possible for many species to breed.

Our nest boxes are not fancy birdhouses - - they are functional nestboxes, built to the measurements recommended by wildlife biologists for individual species. They are made of durable untreated woods. The front of each box is hinged at the top and attached at the bottom with a single woodscrew for easy yearly cleaning. Two holes have been placed near the top of the back of each box to allow for ease in hanging. Simply drive two nails at an angle, the same distance apart as the two holes in the box and hang the nestbox over the nails. The boxes can be painted with water-based paint if desired. Ideally they should be in place by January to allow time for weathering and for the birds to find them.

These are just a few of the variety of nestboxes we offer at Biosphere. Each box has instructions about height and location that are ideal for each species.


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