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Urban Habitat Enhancement
Many species will coexist with man, even in an urban setting, if the landscape includes basic requirements: food, cover, water and nesting areas. Our Bioscapes include the proper nest boxes, feeders and plants to attract birds and other wildlife.

Pollinator Gardens
Many of our native plants are in decline because of a decrease in insect pollinators due to massive insecticide usage and habitat destruction. You can help by planting a garden which attracts and feeds these pollinators, including butterflies, which add beauty and interest. Ask for our plant list for butterfly gardens and let us help you select the proper larval or nectar plants.

Wildflower Gardens
Many people have tried to grow wildflowers with disappointing results, primarily because the species selected were not adapted to the specific area. Our research has helped us select those species, native and non-native, which thrive well in a given location. Our wildflower booklet describes the seeds and plants available from our nursery.

Lakefront Restoration and Aquascaping
Lakefront homeowners can do a great deal to help improve water quality and habitat by removing noxious plant species and installing beneficial native species. Aquascaping with colorful native aquatics can beautify wet areas. Let us help you in designing and locating the proper species. We offer a plant list of wetland species.

Ecological Landscape Design
We can provide assistance in the design and selection of plant pallets for an attractive and functional BIOSCAPE, for one residential unit or a whole community. We can also assist with ecosystem and landscape management plans. Call or e-mail us for details.

Additional Services
In addition to plant production for BIOSCAPE projects, the firm also offers the following scope of services: Design and Creation of Wetland Systems, Mitigation Design, Ecosystem Management and Monitoring Plans, Maintenance Services (for Lakefront and Retention Ponds), Mitigation Banking, Exotic Plant Management, Technical Writing and Presentations.

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