The term BIOSCAPE, coined by us, is defined as “landscaping to improve habitat, conserve water, decrease maintenance and use of fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals”. We include the human habitat as well in our considerations so we make every effort to make the bioscape as attractive as possible. The gardener who is aware of habitat improvement and sensitive to wildlife utilization as well as aesthetic improvements will get double pleasure from his efforts.

It does not take a biologist to see that almost all forms of native wildlife are stressed by development which leads to habitat destruction, changes in hydrology, introduction of exotic plant and animal species and introduction of powerful toxins in the environment.

Our research has shown that many species will adapt and co-exist, even in an urban habitat, if the landscape includes the basics they require: food, cover, water and nesting spaces. A few simple nest boxes, of the right specifications, will replace cavities in dead trees and make it possible for many species to breed. Food plants and cover plants can be cultured just as easily as exotics which usually provide nothing. Proper planning will not only increase the number of species attracted but also increase the population sizes. All species are important -- insect pollinators for example, play a major role in food chains and are critical to seed formation by native plants as well as crop production. Anything the gardener can do to help them survive and reproduce may have far-reaching effects.

Teaching children to be aware of the connections between man and natural systems is critical if we are to expect sound decisions on environmental issues in the future. Learning about these relationships through culture of a bioscape, no matter how large or small, will lead to a greater interest and appreciation of the world around us. We at Biosphere stand ready to assist in any way possible to encourage this process. Call us at any time for help and do what you can to spread the word about this exciting concept!

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